Fabian Johann I Photographer

Fabian´s photo style is pure. Mountain peaks, steep couloirs or tons of snow! He searches und only picks the finest of his series. His photos are recognizable for the special connection between nature and human beings. He always shows the art of enjoying life and the force of nature. 

In 2012 I first met Fabian behind the seat in a bus, heading straight to the Alps. He was studying a map and checking out some lines, that could be worth to ski. In the beginning he filmed a lot and was searching for untouched terrain. Everything has changed as he started shooting with his camera. We finally had new possibilities. Nowadays it isn't all about riding, rather about the adventure out there. It is amazing that he can get people excited for what we do. Famous magazines are the key to share the passion.

Now, years after we had met first, we shared a few times lodges. Those trips are marked of highlife adventures, deep snow and a lot of fun. Fabian is sort of a god when it comes to finding spots und nice runs on the map. We have already checked out a lot of nice spots in the alps - from east to west - but powder stoke will never get lost. Every time I visit Fabian in Kuchl he proudly presents (while nearly crying) his awesome mountain view out of the window like a little child.

Words by Gabriel Schmidt // Team rider 

Christoph Johann I Photographer & DoP



Christoph is a young, very talented photographer and filmmaker from Bavaria. He discovered his passion for photography at the age of 18. It quickly became clear that he wanted to turn this passion and hobby into a real profession.


He not only pushed further his photography, but also completed an apprenticeship as a media designer of image and sound. In addition to landscapes and nature shots, one of his favourite subjects are people and their extreme activities in that very special environment. The sun takes a very special place in Christoph's life. Every sunrise and sunset has to be captured at spectacular places. Therefore he spends many nights in the mountains. Always in the anticipation of the first or last light. Once he told me - Whatever you shoot, just keep holding the lens towards the sun! - it was a simple advice with a huge impact of what light means to us. 


The camera accompanies Christoph on all tours and journeys. Whether at the via ferrata or while freeriding in the snow. In addition to professional images, Christoph also creates advertising and lifestyle movies that are used as commercials or image films. 

Words by Hannah Stephan // Team rider 


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